Packing Details

Export Packaging plays an important role in the export process due to different climate conditions, handling methods and other factors involved in exporting.

Greenfields offers a wide range of export packaging solutions that are approved for export shipping.

Export packaging material plays a vital part to ensure your product arrives safe and secure at its final destination. There is a wide range of packaging product options from which to choose. Export packaging are engineered to protect from stacking pressures, vibrations, drops, and climatic stresses or moisture– as well as from bending, cutting, or compression.

Packaging of Product is a very critical operation, since it must be done in such a way that preserves the highly delicate product in good condition for a long time.

Products of different categories, with or without palletisation, are packed in tamper-proof multi-wall paper bags. These special bags preserve the physicochemical properties of the products.






20” FCL


25 kgs Net

Brown Multiwall 4 ply paper Bag with inside Liner/ Brown HDPE Laminated paper Bag with inside liner.

18 M.T.

20 M.T.

25 kgs Net

White Multiwall Single ply paper Bag with inside Liner/ White HDPE Laminated paper Bag with inside liner.

18 M.T.

20 M.T.

50 Kgs Net

White/Brown HDPE Laminated paper Bag with inside liner.

18 M.T.

20 M.T.

1000 kgs Net

JUMBO Bag(HDPE Woven Bag) Laminated.

20.00 M.T.

20 M.T.

FIBC Liner Bulk

Bulk Liner in Container.

22 – 23 M.T.

Stuffing of Containers and sealing them is done under strict supervision within factory premises, since this is a very critical point. So, proper care is taken in selection of containers and stuffing of the bags so that buyers receive the goods in factory–fresh condition.

The lots Number, Batch Number, Month of Mfg., Exp. Date etc. are marked on each & every bag.