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Origin of M. J. Associates
M.J. Group is lead by its Chairman M.L.Jain who started his carrier back in 1970; as story of success is lead by great sacrifices and hard working so does here in case of M.J. Group
M.J. was official Established in 1970 and progressed as under:
M.J. Group Established in 1970
1970 Installed Stone Crusher in Rajasthan
1973 Independent National/ State Contractor
1976 Guar Splits Factory in Barmer
1988 Split Processing Plant in Deesa, Gujarat
1995 Formation of Public Limited Co. for Guar Derivatives
2006 Marketing Wing as M.J.Associates
2008 Multi National Tie with UAE Co.
M.J is very particular is product supplied to customer and ensure for the Best Quality product at competitive prices with very best services.
M.J offers huge range of product/ packages under 1 roof with best services. It’s not we but our customer speaks for benefits of working with us, we don’t want to tell much about our work; single business with us will speak all truth regarding our services at M.J.Associates.
We never turned back since our incorporation and achieved all highs through hard work & struggle; we strongly believe in our chairman motto “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and straggle
Motto of our company is Best services and best products at competitive prices with perfect customer satisfaction at each stage of business.
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