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How We Develops
The M.J. Group consists of several Indian & Overseas companies involved in Exports & Import where M.J.Associates looks for entire International marketing affairs which are followed up by its subsidiary companies. MJ Group consists of 19 leading companies involved in Exports & Imports.
Founder of M.J. Group Mr. M. L. Jain strictly believes that Quality, Quote, Commitment with best services is key to success and keeping this basic principal in Mind we are working since 1977 with progressive charts in terms of sales, profit, customers and Market.
M.L.Jain a name which has become over the period of last 33 years well know to every one in Guar Gum Industries and itís users for Qualified Product and Reliable solutions & services in Hydro Colloides.
M.J.Associates is leading company of M.J. Group working as Manufacturer Representative for the Exporter of Guar Gum Splits, Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Tora Seed, Splits and Powder, Tamarind Kernel Powder Oiled & De-Oiled (TKP), along with several Chemicals, Species, Animal Feeds, Lintels, Pulses, Grains and Commodity from Indian as well Pakistan Origin.
M.J.Associates exclusively works with Qualified & Reliable Manufacturer; apart being reliable and honest our principals have certification as ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, HEALTH, GMO, FDA, cGMP etc, as on date we have been working with 41 manufacture of India & Pakistan.
Founder of M.J.Associates are working in Hydro Collides, Food, Pharma and Oil Industry sector since 1977 thus understand very well in regards of Quality to be offered and itís end use; hence M.J.Associates ensure for Qualified product with most competitive prices and of course the very best services at each stage of Business.
M.J.Associates has been offering Product to several customers in Food, Pharma, Oil, Mining & Textile sector for years in big volumes with consistence Quality, Quote and Services.
All corresponding is exclusively routed through M.J.Associates where we shall provide each & every information form production of goods till shipment and after shipment informationís.
M.J.Associates provides regular Market Information, updates and market trend which certainly help clients in designing buying strategy.
Location is best advantages for M.J.Associates; being located in Hub of Guar Growing region, we have direct contactís from framer (grower of guar) to exporter & Buyer hence we have very good Idea regarding trend of Market on its base we advice our customer regarding Market updates.
We believe that first trial business with us shall speak entire truth; we ensure to provide the best in each respect & we are sure that you will have no second choice for product supplied via us.
Motto of our company is Best services and best products at competitive prices with perfect customer satisfaction at each stage.
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